Select Exhibitions



2017, Abstracts for 17 & 22, AC Repair Co., Toronto, ON

2017, Acid in the Style of Phineas Gage, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD

2016, Broca's Talking Candle, MAW, New York, NY




2018, Discrete Objects and Borrowed Themes, Épisode Laurier, Montreal, QC

2016, Proof of Concept, 67 Ludlow, New York, NY

2016, Murmur Diphthong, MAW, New York, NY

2015, Narrow Waves (U:L:O: pt. II), Springsteen at Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY

2015, Y'all, Fuso, Richmond, VA

2015, Convention, Open Space at The Compound, Baltimore, MD 




2018, EMS, Stockholm, Sweden

2016, EMS, Stockholm, Sweden




2017, Lonnie Holley, Abdu Ali, Maya Matinez, Susan Alcorn, Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD

2017, Max Eilbacher, Isolde Touch, Headband, Paul R, Park Church Co-op, Brooklyn, NY

2016, Eartheater, Co La, Ciarra Black, Floristree, Baltimore, MD

2016, MSHR, Nick Klein, Max Eilbacher, Headband, Floristree, Baltimore, MD

2016, Matmos (Ultimate Care II record release) Bonnie Jones, Floristree, Baltimore, MD

2014, Everybody Wins, V-I-S-A Curatorial at Gallery4, Baltimore, MD

2013, Gates to the Garden, Fitness Center for Arts and Tactics, Brooklyn, NY



Select Releases

2017, F1k, B2, Anathema Archive

2017, F1k, Prose, Primitive Languages

2017, Reece Cox, Broca’s Talking Candle, ARs Media

2016, F1k, Touched Music EP, Sweat Equity

2015, Flex1000/ Gxnt Valentine, Flex1000/ Gxnt Valentine Split, All Hell

2014, Flex1000/ Merryl, Flex1000/ Merryl Split, New Body


Select Performances

       2018, F1k, Muellerstraße 55, Berlin, DE

       2018, F1k, Cashmere Radio, Berlin, DE

       2017, F1k, Berks Warehouse, Philadelphia, PA

       2017, F1k, Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn, NY

       2017, Reece Cox, oh ouse, Toronto, NN

       2017, F1k, 64 Space, Baltimore, MD

       2017, F1k, Flatterschafft, Basel, CH

       2017, F1k, WORM, Rotterdam, NL

       2017, F1k, Mayhem, Copenhagen, DK

       2016, F1k, P.U.F.F.E.R.S., Providence, RI

       2016, Reece Cox, MAW Gallery, New York, NY

       2016, F1k, h o adio, Brooklyn, NY

       2016, F1k, WNYU Five star Radio, New York, NY

       2016, F1k, Bossanova Civic Club, Brooklyn, NY

       2016, Reece Cox, Floristree, Baltimore, MD





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